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Finding the perfect Bluetooth speaker that keeps up with your mobile lifestyle can be a challenge. Replaceable batteries in portable speakers can mean the difference between keeping the party going or searching for an outlet. This article guides you through some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, offering freedom with their swappable power […]
Are you ready to dive into the world of electronic drum machines but you have a small budget and feel unsure where to start? Fear not, for today we're delving into the realm of affordable drum machines that won't break the bank. Get ready to groove, because we're about to lay down some knowledge on […]
Subwoofer Placement Guide So you have just blown the budget on some of the best home theater gear and all seems pretty straightforward when it comes to where your surround speakers can go. You've cabled in your amp and taken on all the advice that all home theater aficionados have offered. You look around and […]
So you want the best amplifier for your Moog synth? This question has been debated by Moog synth players and engineers alike. This article will answer that for you.
How can you match impedances when you have 8 Ohm speakers and an amp rated at 4 Ohms? Is it even possible?

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